About Us

What have we here? A site of sacky wonders where all of your dreams can come true.

You’ve reached LittleBigPlanet Fanatic, a fansite where you can meet other sackfolk, and discuss the LittleBigPlanet series; for PS3, PSP and PS Vita, by MediaMolecule.

At this sacktastical LittleBigPlanet site, you can get helps and tips for your level, discuss general LBP news and such with other sackfolk, and become part of the community at the forums.

LittleBigPlanet Fanatic was founded as a forum by sackbot14 during November 2011, shortly after the release of LittleBigPlanet 2. After months of inactivity, in January 2012, the forum was completely redone and remodeled and the news blog was made. In April 2012, LBPF added a new fanatical feature, the Media page, hosting bunches of fun LittleBigPlanet themed signatures, avatars and wallpapers.


This is the main page of LBPF. It is a news blog where you can find all the latest news on sackboy and his game.


In this page you will find the LBPF community discussion boards. Here you can talk about anything, even what is not related to LBP! You can request a review for your level, show off your level, and participate in, or even create your own, competitions. Join the forums today!


Looking for some artsy avatars, signatures, or wallpapers? This page is filled with tons of LBP themed pictures, including avatars and signatures for use on forums, and wallpapers for use on your computer screen.