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Sackling of the Month

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#1 - Apr 29, 2016
by ninjalucario951

Sackling of the Month

Can I have a raise, Mr. Krabs?
Have you tried...
Blaming Carl?
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Location: Why do you want to know? '_'
Gender: Sackboy
PSN ID: LightLucario951

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#2 - Jan 22, 2017
by justus5
Ok you win. You can have a digital clap from ya boi Sackboot. You'll get it eventually :D

Here is a small thing I wanted to say

Add me on:
PSN: justus5
Xbox: Chal3ng3Ac3pt3d
Steam: Myamsar197
Follow me on Twitch: Chal3ng3Ac3pt3d

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