Welcome sacklings, to the very first episode of Fanatical Levels! We showcased 3 wonderful levels for you! We hope for more submissions from you all this upcoming month, so that we may have another great showcase! Without further ado, here are the levels which we deem fanatical!

Showcased Levels

SPLATRBy Icon pate59
  • 1,107
  • 4,737
  • 20

Full support for multiplayer, disconnecting & in-level restarting. Lots of points, enemies, powerups and waves. 20 waves to complete or just survive as long as you can. Destroy the enemies, collect points, gun upgrades, powerups & also health to make it little bit easier. Original music by @Breezy-The-Pro. Featured in LBPodcast Episode 172, LBPC Spotlight Episode 86 & LBF Picks Episode 19.

Challenging, simple, and replayable! This game has the essence of an arcade!

iZabluèBy Icon pate59
  • 631
  • 3,257
  • 4

Fast racing platformer. Quite a blue one indeed. Only one player is able to play at once, I recommend coming here alone anyway because it might be laggy at some parts. This level doesn't make any sense. Thanks to @YELLOWda for decorating, @coolman100 for motivation & @Freezz-ix for testing. Featured in LBPC Spotlight Episode 83 & LBF Picks Episode 6.

Fantastic! Beautiful scenery effects with a fast-paced challenge for the high score!