Hello sacklings! The Level Crew presents to you their 3rd Fanatical Levels showcase! In this episode, you can find 9 fanatically amazing levels! This includes levels from LittleBigPlanet Vita as well as a fun little track made on LittleBigPlanet Karting! Enough for any sack thing to have a great time. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, queue these levels and give them a go!

Showcased Levels

黄金の憧憬[Golden Longing](2p co-op level)By Icon azuki-in-kome
  • 2,188
  • 13,272
  • 17

このステージは2人用協力ステージです、2人から4人まで遊ぶことができます。This is 2p co-op level, you can play 2p for 4p. タイムアタックモードでは@Yomi-Yomiさんの(縄文時代からシャンプー)が聴けます。有り難う御座いましたm(__)m黄金の絆に導かれて、是非高得点を目指してみてね。Have fun speed run mode :) Music by (Ancient Smart phone : @Yomi-Yomi)

Truly a fun and creative co (optional) level. Well created

Brilliantly designed cooperative level, with original gameplay and stunning mechanics!

Data ForestBy Icon Patriot_Rat-PT01
  • 3,291
  • 21,806
  • 15

1Player recommended can work with more. A level built around nature and rustic metal. This level was started a year and a half ago so I decided to finish it now insted of it sitting on the moon takeing up space. Co-credit goes to MRhq, Buggles, Org. Namster gets partial credit because he said so. Feel free to correct my spelling =^.^=<3

This level offers an interesting theme with some fun and original platforming! Unique and recommended!

WastedBy Icon smartysloan
  • 120
  • 109
  • 1,519
  • 0

Save the sackbots from recycling. A recreation of lbp2 waste disposal for the vita.

A level well created and has a fun theme that burns through the entire level

Temple of GoldBy Icon dakrrs
  • 1,453
  • 3,613
  • 53

Utilize the hero cape to reach the core of the Temple of Gold. Rich scores await you here, but something else awaits you in the stone walls.

A spectacular level! Lengthy enough to enjoy for a while, paired by beautiful scenery and fun gameplay!

Very fun! Faith in LBP community somewhat restored

Iceballs (LBP2)By Icon Skullking266
  • 786
  • 4,841
  • 6

It's Winter again, dodge the rolling iceballs. A Simple Survival challenge. Hearts give you 1 Life. Default Gameplay music By:Brezzy-the-Pro. Survive as long as possible and get a high score! Please Report any Bugs or Glitchs. Enjoy! :)

A unique survival challenge with plenty of fun powerups and multiple difficulties!

Frozen SkyBy Icon Tskm7
  • 214
  • 1,091
  • 2

[1/4] Players - Platformer / Race ------------------ Frozen Sky is a racing platformer. It's a modification of my other level Night Sky, that brings a new theme and a new gameplay. Try to get the highest score by doing the best time and collecting the best multipliers from bubbles and rings. -------------------------------------------------- Created by @Tskm7

Short and well designed jump level

A very decorative race for the high score with a unique theme!

VexBy Icon MVP-OF-LBP2
  • 801
  • 758
  • 8,136
  • 0

Welcome to Vex. Have fun blasting away enimies with 3 different weapons as you try to survive with your choice of 6 ships. Oh and dont forget to check out the tutorials for things you dont know. You never know you might be surprised. (^·^) Thx to everyone that helped me make this level.

A fun, indie type shooter that has you looking around a lot

modern factory [ Old ]By Icon coolest954
  • 194
  • 1,000
  • 1

crossing in the modern factory. test the level of a frensh creator to change ! ) enjoy...

A level meant to be on LBP, this fun platformer was short and well designed

A unique level with an original design and platforming gameplay!

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A short and simple track, very fun with multiplayer!