Hello sacklings! This month the level crew brings you 6 amazingly fanatical levels! This time, they are all from LittleBigPlanet 2. There is still quite a variety in the level picks! They range from calm, yet very fun platformers, such as Mystery Falls Platformer, to the more competitive hero cape race in Pegasus Station, and finally to a great fun with friends in the two multiplayer games, such as Epic Tournament. Enjoy these fun levels sacklings, and congratulations to the authors who got a showcase in this month’s episode!

Showcased Levels

Private Level

This creator has chosen not to publish their information to the web, or this level has been locked and can't be accessed without a level key in the game.

Beautifully decorated and designed platformer, with a calm setting and fun gameplay!

  • 252
  • 1,540
  • 4

I got really inspired when playing TOBSn08's "Paris is for Lovers" and OMIER's "Tumbledown Avenue" so I decided to try to create my own city-platformer!------------------------------------This is a no-********, straightforward platformer from start to finish!----------------------------------Music by FATHER_PYRO.----------------------------------Happy platforming and a merry x-mas!

A calm, beautiful level with a fantastic design!

Minea-Nap-olisBy Icon megaextremist
  • 46
  • 296
  • 1

IMPORTANT - Don't move when someone's talking to you, you might block an emitter. --------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to Minea-nap-olis! Home of the pillow factory. Please enjoy your stay. While you're hanging around, a certain someone could use your help with deliveries. --------------------------------------------------------- lbpcentral.com. Music by the incredibly talented @idgowans don't forget to have fun!

A wacky and fun little adventure of randomness!

Epic Tournament [2-4p battle arena]By Icon Shaggy40000
  • 3,446
  • 14,779
  • 25

Epic Tournament will throw you back to the 90s when Shooters were fast paced and weapons grew on trees // 2-4p - 2 arenas - 4 different weapons // Credits to Ayu_ready for passionate testing and weapon ideas

This versus level features unique weapons and is literally a blast to play!

Pegasus StationBy Icon Sabian76
  • 402
  • 3,079
  • 44

Use the hero cape and wall jumps to activate the score rings. Find the right path to keep your multiplier from start to finish ... Good luck! (Thank you all for the feedback. I have fixed the cape issue, and tweakafied a few transitions ) Yay!

A nice twist on the hero cape race! Fun and exhilarating to achieve the high score!

Triple Threat Tussle 2: Air SuperiorityBy Icon SLS10
  • 37
  • 230
  • 3

It's here, and it wants you! Bring friends and prepare yourself for the most e-sports challenge yet - Dogfighting! Guide your color-coded Organic Blight into your foes for points! Don't fall to the bottom of the screen, though; you'll lose a hefty chunk of your score! All four friends can play in this evolving arena, with no discernable balance issues or power skew whatsoever. Seriously.

A fun and unique versus game, stick through till the end!