Hello sacklings! Wow this has been a long time coming! This will be the last episode of Fanatical Levels! At least before LittleBigPlanet 3 comes along! This is a smaller showcase, it was quite a busy time these past few months, but I am glad to be putting out this showcase. However so small it is, the levels featured today are quite amazing and you should definitely give them a go when you can! Now remember, the level showcasing is not coming to an end! Only that the next episode won’t come until the end of November or mid-December, and will feature primarily LBP 3 levels from then on. Just as it is now, you will still be able to submit your LBP 1 and 2 levels for submission and a chance at being showcased. Enough talk, on with the showcase!

Showcased Levels

Eve's SpaBy Icon Porkyfern
  • 294
  • 1,711
  • 11

Eve has changed her business after a long time. Because less patients visit her asylum nowadays. A "Grand Massage Center" will help her to be busy like in the past. Go through a fun "steamed" gameplay. But.. What's happend to the asylum? Where are the patients? Amazing music made by @squid2723 and a very special thank to @adtk for supporting and testing the level.

A very well designed level, matching that of story levels! Even featuring a part 2!

A Funky World (Platformer) [1P]By Icon vita-3000
  • 852
  • 7,845
  • 22

[Platformer level, 1 player only]. Music by Robotix17. Hi and welcome to Cyborg's Funky World !! Go on, Explore it, try to have the high score ... Have fun & Enjoy it !!! Special thanks : LBP community :) Secret to find : @Chevalier-Aioros ... :D Bye And no H4H.

Loads of fun, and who doesn’t like control?

NEON for EONS [Platformer]By Icon R-V-2-0-1-3
  • 265
  • 1,157
  • 15

[1 Player for Best Results]... Run Sack Run!!! This is my fun fast RUNNER platformer game. You have to be quick you have to be good. No lazy sacks of fluff here. XD! If you're good enough you can earn a neon-dragon. Enjoy! Let me know where it can improve.................. Special Thanks: Music: Skrillex-Syndicate - By; Rhyman Brian - Thanks

This platformer is short, but it’s fast-paced gameplay is exciting!

Short-ish level, but contains more logic than expected

STAR ★ LINKBy Icon menaguro
  • 1,838
  • 19,594
  • 18

[1 player only] This is a puzzle game that links the same color stars. *If you discover bug, please give me a comment. 線が交わらないように、同じ色の星を繋げていくパズルゲームです。全問解けるかな? *バグ等ありましたらコメントにて報告して頂けるとありがたいです。

A very innovative and fun minigame!