Groundhog costume

Spring is just about here! 😀 Just like last year, you will have a limited time to grab this special DLC costume for Groundhog Day. 🙂 It will be released tomorrow on 2/02, so don’t miss your chance to get it!

DLC Details
Re-release date: 02/02/2011
Release dates may vary, depending on your territory.
This item was available for a limited time only.
Price: £0.00 / €0.00 / US $0.00 / AUS $ 0.00 / NZD $0.00
Product compatability: LittleBigPlanetâ„¢, LittleBigPlanetâ„¢2
Included: Costumes

This DLC item will include the Groundhog Hat, mouth, and the spring accessory. 🙂