Today was the 2014 E3 Conference, and LBP 3 got it’s first live stage demo! If you missed it, you can watch it here:

Video thanks to Rocket Cheetah.

The demo showcases the release trailer, as well as a play-through of possibly a demo level: “Race to the Stars”. The play-through displays how the four characters are controlled and their capabilities, as well as how they can work together in a few gameplay concepts. You can also see some new mechanic elements in it as well, I’ve compiled what I saw into a little list.

  • The creative layers do not seem to add a 3D plane for you to walk upon, but rather are what the name implies: “creative layers.” You are still be limited to only being within a few layers at a time, but you can move into the foreground/background by zip line, tubes, or a new special kind of bounce pad to a new set of layers.
  • Sackboy can climb special kinds of “walls” and jump off of them. These “walls” appear to be a thin layer of material that will act as a wall he can climb on when he is in front of it. This will probably include ladders.
  • The Pumpinator, in short, is something like an air blower. it will blow “air” force to push material, turnstiles, etc., without actually emitting any kind of material.
  • Oddsock has a much faster speed, which can be used to power certain mechanisms, in a hamster-wheel fashion. He can also wall jump.
  • Toggle is much heavier, and so can use his weight to push down things (probably suspended by spring) that Sackboy and the others could not. He is also much stronger and can push a greater weight as well. He can also become the smallest by pressing L1, which will allow him to fit into smaller spaces. He can freely toggle back and forth between big and small.
  • Swoop can actually fly upwards, as well as glide like the Hero Cape allowed Sackboy to do. This allows Swoop to grab and carry light material, as well as other characters, over a large height which they could not jump.

That is everything for now, see you later Sacklings!